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Website Design in Metro Detroit

Do you have a business in Metro Detroit? If you do, taking it online is the next logical step. What better way to do this than with a website? 

A website is a must for any business nowadays. With millions online, you will need a site that stands out. 

You need a website that draws attention and keeps it. You will also need a website that is as pleasing to your audience as it is to search engines. 

Website design in Metro Detroit can give you such a website. If you are looking for a company that guarantees quality web design optimized with SEO, look no further than AJ’s Web Designs. 

We have spent years helping businesses develop an online presence. We have done this through quality and affordable web designs and SEO. 

Choose a company that takes your website and propels it onto more screens and up the search engine results pages. Gain a competitive advantage with our website design in Metro Detroit today. 

Showcase Your Business to Billions with a Site  

As of 2021, there are roughly 4.6 billion online users. This is more than half of the world’s population. 

In Detroit alone, three-fourths of the city’s population is online. This means about two million opportunities for your business to be visible. This is why website design in Metro Detroit has grown into a market of its own — one we specialize in.

If you don’t have a business site yet, don’t worry. While the best time to have taken your business online was years ago, all is not lost. Our web design services coupled with our services in web development can give your business visibility. Even better, our web design team will work on the side with your input. 

We take stock of what you want for the site. From there, we work accordingly. We do this to give you a site that does more than just showcase your products and services. With our web design services, you get a site that tells your brand’s story to the user. 

Give your business an online presence with our web design services. 

Give Your Website Curb Appeal with Functional and Aesthetic Web Design 

Websites are mainly visual. For this reason, how yours looks can make or break your online following. 

A site that has media, pictures, pages, and other clickable elements will not suffice. Your site needs to have a visual hierarchy that is intuitive for your user. Our approach to website design in Metro Detroit merges functionality and aesthetics. 

Allow us to give your website that much-needed update for your audience. Our web designs go beyond site creation. Our services aim to boost your site’s aesthetics to keep your users engaged and ready to click on your “Contact Us” page. 

Get in touch now and let us give you a site that turns heads and draws clicks. 

Be Downtime-proof with Quick and Reliable Site Hosting and Support

We excel at web development and website design in Metro Detroit. Be that as it may, emergencies happen. Sometimes, these emergencies can involve the function of your site. 

We have partnered with reliable hosting services to ensure that your site is up all the time. More importantly, our web design service comes with site support. This means that as soon as you notice a problem, our service team will be on the issue. 

Our site support is among the best in this part of Michigan. At AJ’s Web Designs, we do more than give you a site that works. We ensure that it is always engaging, making downtime a thing of the past for you. 

Get Website Design in Metro Detroit that Makes Your Site Mobile-responsive 

Industry statistics have discovered that the vast majority of users use their phones for browsing services. What does this have to do with you? It’s simple — the need for a mobile-friendly site. 

Google, as well as other search engines, prioritizes mobile-responsive sites. Moreover, you’re likely to get more clicks and visits if your site looks and feels great on a phone or tablet. 

Besides giving you a site, we also make your site mobile-responsive. From page optimizations to loading speed tweaks, we do it all.

With our mobile optimizations for your site, you’ll have more clicks and views in no time. Get in touch with us now to learn more about our mobile optimizations for business sites. 

Would You Like an App to Go with That? 

By opting for a mobile-friendly site, you’re already taking your business to the next level. However, if you want to make reaching you easier for clients, why not get an app to go with your site?

We pride ourselves on our app development. While many developers charge an arm and a leg for an app, we’re not them; we’re better. We want to see your business succeed online. For this reason, we offer affordable app development services that go with your site. 

We also develop apps based on your input and the results of A/B testing. In other words, our website design in Metro Detroit ensures your satisfaction, as well as that of your potential users. 

If you have ever wanted to see your business on the App Store or Play Store, now is your chance. 

Have a chat with us to learn more about our app development process and rates. 

Get a Site. Get it Filled — With Well-chosen Content

A website is only half the battle. A site without content is no more than a catalog. If you want better engagement and rankings on the SERPs, you will need well-written content. 

Creating content is challenging for any business owner. The task of deciding what content to put on it is even more daunting. Whether it is a blog post or a product launch post, content needs to be timely and has to speak to the audience’s pain points. 

Our website design in Metro Detroit comes with content planning. Our team can help you plan your content and create it based on your business goals. We can help you add your desired content to your site or plan it during the early stages of your site’s building.

Our content planning includes market research, as well as on-page optimization. 

Get site content that is relevant to the times and be noticed. 

Dominate the SERPs with SEO

Search engines determine the visibility of websites these days. The higher up the search engine results pages (SERPs) your site is, the more visible it will be. 

According to SEO statistics, people are 90% more likely to view sites on the first page of the SERPs. When it comes to sales and conversions, industry statistics show that the first five sites get them the most. 

Not many companies that offer website design in Metro Detroit offer SEO. However, we understand that online visibility can make or break a business’ online presence. That is why we bring our A-game with SEO as a bonus service. 

SEO (search engine optimization) allows your site to climb the SERPs. As your site climbs the SERPs, it gains more visitors. As a result, your chances of marketing and selling go up faster. 

Our SEO services include content and site optimizations that make your site “findable” for search engines and users. If your market is within Detroit, our local SEO can help you easily dominate the SERPs.  

Help People Find You with Consistent and Accurate Business Citations

One of the most common pain points for both customers and business owners is inconsistent citations. Citations are essentially contact details and other information about a business. 

Citations are in many business listings and online directories. These directories help bring customers to your site. Of course, if the listings are different, customers won’t get to you. 

Our website design in Metro Detroit comes with structured citations meant to keep all listings of your business consistent. Business information consistent across directories will help customers and search engines find you. 

Dominate your local niche with accurate and structured citations for your website and business. 

Website Design in Metro Detroit that Adds Speed to Your Site

According to Google, one of the factors that it bases the ranks of sites on is page loading speed. More specifically, for Google, the faster the site, the better it can rank. Beyond Google, users will also appreciate a site that loads quickly. 

Page loading speed is key to a positive user experience. Often, many sites lack this because of poor web design and cluttered page hierarchies. 

We can make your site faster with on-page and back-end optimizations. The optimizations will make your site load faster. These will also enable your site to load quickly across all devices. 

Let us give you a site that picks up the pace during the loading phase.

Get in Touch Now for Top-Notch Website Design in Metro Detroit

Your business deserves an online presence. Let us deliver more notoriety to your site with our web design services. 

With us, you’ll get more than a website that works. You’ll get a site that ranks, looks amazing, and works for you. 

Let’s talk. Get in touch with us now for a free estimate of our services!

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