Website Design Clarkston Michigan

Improve Your Online Presence with Website Design Clarkston Michigan

Website Design Clarkston Michigan

Are you thinking about getting professional website design Clarkston Michigan? Creating an online platform is a good strategy, especially for local businesses looking to increase their customer reach. Human behavior is on your side as studies show that 57% of shoppers prefer to shop local to keep finances close to the community. The same study revealed that 70% of Americans only shop online or buy from a mix of online and on-site businesses.

How a Good Website Design Clarkston Michigan Impacts your Business

What does a good website design have to do with your ability to convert exposure to sales? Here are just some of the ways web design can change your local Michigan business.

First Impressions

People say “curb appeal” when they talk about real estate but it’s also important for website design Clarkston Michigan. You want a website that welcomes clients right off the bat and makes them feel excited to explore the pages. 

A study conducted by the Missouri University of Science and Technology revealed that visitors form an impression of your site in as little as 0.2 seconds. The following 2.6 seconds involve focusing on the website to arrive at a more concrete impression of the business. Accordingly, the logo gets the most attention with a focus of 6.48 seconds while the navigation menu gets 6.44 seconds worth of attention.

Builds Brand Trust

A well-formed website tells visitors a lot about your service. It’s no different from how the cleanliness of a restaurant tells customers if the kitchen can put out good food. You want your domain to be up-to-date with accurate information about what you offer. Any discrepancy on your website and on-site data can create distrust in the business and discourage people from visiting again. 

Improve SEO

Every website aims to rank high in Google searches. In 2021, Google announced that they would be making changes in how top websites are ranked and shown through results. Specifically, Google would focus on Core Web Vitals in ranking — many of which are directly related to how web design is made.

The factors include loading time, interaction gap, and layout shift.

  • Loading Time: This measures the amount of time a page loads once the link is clicked. Assuming that internet speed is the same for everyone, the the design determines the loading time of a webpage.
  • Interaction Gap:  Let’s say that the web page is already fully loaded — can you now click on the links displayed on the page? Poorly designed websites usually take a few seconds before it becomes ready for interaction with the visitor. This is called the first input delay.
  • Layout Shift: This is the number of visual changes that happen when you load a page. With a slow connection, you’ll often find that web elements appear in different positions. After a few seconds, the site seems to refresh and then present you with a design with all the elements in place. 

These metrics tie into the design of a website. Even if you use codeless website creation platforms like WordPress, you will need additional insight to design your website to meet Google’s existing SEO standards.

Better User Experience

A quick look at Google’s recent changes for local SEO, you can tell that they put user experience above all considerations when ranking pages. You can measure UX by how the visitor interacts with the website. Does it load quickly? Can they navigate through it easily? Did they find the information they need? Did they manage to contact an actual person through chat boxes or contact forms? All of these contribute to the user’s experience and how they perceive the business as a whole. 

Improve Local Visibility

Studies show that 81% of shoppers actually go online and research their products and services before buying. With more information about the product, they feel more confident about making a decision on the purchase. If they can’t find the product or service online, they simply dismiss it and look for alternatives.

A well-built website gives you the opportunity to “talk” to potential customers and present them with your side of the story. Navigating through the site, customers can make comparisons, look at your services, and gain insights into your business’s credibility before making their decision. It also gives them the opportunity to contact you directly via email, chats, or messaging, leading them further down the sales funnel. 

Quick ROI Results

Optimizing your website design Clarkston Michigan for local SEO can go far when it comes to investment returns. According to studies, it only takes around 4.76 months before your initial expenses on local SEO gets a positive ROI. This is an impressive rate of return that’s only likely if you take advantage of professional website services. 

What Makes a Good Website Design Clarkston Michigan?

A good website design Clarkston Michigan incorporates multiple elements into the overall look. Sites like WordPress typically offer pre-made templates that help you get started, but they don’t help create a fully optimized site for local businesses. To do this, you need local designers who understand the specific needs of the business domain and can incorporate local elements to narrow down the target market.

Ideally, a good web design is simple, featuring colors and imagery that best reflects the business without overwhelming the visitor. It should be quick to load and allow for easy navigation through its pages.

Also, visual hierarchy or understanding how visitors appreciate the information as it is presented to them is crucial. This means that a good web designer should be able to subtly draw attention to information that you want your visitors to appreciate.

Services Offered

A long-standing provider of website design Clarkston Michigan, AJS Web Designs offers a variety of services to boost your online presence in the local market. We are trained to adapt to the changing Google algorithm and can offer the following services:

Concept and Design

Everything starts with a rough draft of how you want your website to look, and our portfolio is here to help you get started. If you see anything you like, we will be happy to incorporate these elements into your site. From there, we will discuss making a website that reflects your unique brand. 

Development and Support

Once we’ve narrowed down your ideal look for your website, we continue the process by developing the website from the ground up. Every step of the process is carefully explained and checked with you before proceeding. As the web design goes live, we offer continued support to guarantee that the site can be reached by visitors all the time.

Speed Optimization

Studies show that conversion rates drop for every second of loading time added to a webpage. What does this mean? The ideal website load time is anywhere between 2 to 5 seconds. The longer this takes, the more likely that will visitors stop accessing the website entirely. 

Specifically, conversion rates drop at a rate of 4.42% for every second of extended load time. Conversion rates refer to the ratio between visitors and actual customers. A low conversion rate means that even if you have a thousand visits per day, very few of them actually turn into a sale.

Free Quote

Of course, we understand if you’re not ready to commit right now. To help make up your mind, our website offers a comprehensive portfolio where you can view our previous work. In addition, we take great pride in the stellar reviews given by current and previous clients who can vouch for our expertise in web design. Finally, we encourage all Clarkston business owners to take full advantage of our free quote through our domain. We are willing to work with your budget.

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We are a premium website design Clarkston Michigan firm. We specialize in optimizing local businesses for local searches with the help of a well-built domain. Overall, our goal is to build a stronger market for your local business with the help of a powerful online presence. Using only white-hat SEO and design practices, we keep our clients in the loop with continued support. Feel free to send us a message or ask for a free quote through our site!

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