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Stop looking for website design Rochester Hills Michigan Google results. Rest assured, our specialists can build a modern website for you. We have the team, experience, and technology to make it happen. 

We offer the following services to address unique needs:

  • E-commerce
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Content management
  • Local search engine optimization (SEO) 

Get in touch with our experts now to boost your online presence. We’ll help you grow your local clientele in no time. 

Elements of a Modern Website

We’ve made a list of the components of a modern website. Compare it to your current site to find improvement opportunities. 

SEO Optimization

First, SEO is your best bet to capture Rochester’s digital market. It provides prospects with a convenient platform to find you. 

For example, as a web design agency, we want to attract online consumers. Of course, we want to lead prospects looking for website design Rochester Hills Michigan to our site. 

Local search engine optimization (SEO) can do wonders for your efforts. For instance, it helps boutiques, gyms, and similar companies reach Google’s local 3-pack. It’s a list of the top three local brands related to a user’s search. 

Even if you don’t rank nationally, you can dominate local searches. 

Fast Load Speed

Before, online consumers were a patient group. However, the digital world has transformed. Your site load speed should now be less than two seconds to avoid losing visitors.

Once you reach three seconds, your bounce rates —  the visitors leaving your site — could increase by 32%. Consequently, within five seconds, it rises to 90%. Ironically, a slow site is the quickest way to lose online prospects. 

Today, brands should provide consumers with relevant information without compromising site load speed. 


Recent website search statistics share that phones account for 61% of organic visits in the U.S. Of course, with manufacturers enhancing mobile capabilities, this trend won’t likely go away soon. Without a mobile-friendly website, you miss the chance to convert these consumers.

Here are some factors to consider:

  • Observe the ease of navigation.
  • Create an uncomplicated website background.
  • Use toned-down colors and ample white space.
  • Apply intuitive swiping and gesture functionalities.
  • integrate the latest mobile technologies like face or touch.

Engaging Videos

Recent conversion rate figures reveal that 89% of brands use videos to boost their return on investment (ROI). Indeed, they’re powerful storytelling tools that can share more content faster. They also improve sales, traffic, and website stay numbers. 

Videos can be the game-changer your website needs, but make sure they don’t affect your loading speed. 

Unique Typography

Many brands don’t realize the power of unique typography. Today, there are many free and paid options online. Of course, we recommend investing in the best ones. Doing so ensures you stand out from a sea of competition. 

Typography can provide your site with a uniform look across various pages. Also, upgrading your site’s fonts can impact your branding efforts.

Benefits of Working With Professional Web Designers

Before starting a do-it-yourself (DIY) website project, read these web design numbers

  • It takes an average of 0.05 seconds for visitors to decide whether to stay or leave.
  • Consumers’ first website impressions are 94% design-related. 
  • A whopping 57% of visitors won’t refer your poorly-designed mobile site to others. 
  • Moreover, 38% of prospects will stop engaging with you if your website is unimpressive. 
  • A jaw-dropping 88% of consumers won’t return after one bad experience.

If you don’t have a specialist on your side, partner with a website design Rochester Hills Michigan company. Below are some benefits of working with a professional team. 

Attract Audiences

The latest SEO statistics show 93% of online transactions begin with search engines. Of course, the best way to capture this audience is to develop a standout website. 

It has to adhere to Google, Yahoo, and Bing guidelines, among others. Incidentally, experienced designers can help you build the ideal platform.

Boost Credibility

Recent consumer trust perception research reveals 24% of consumers can’t trust brands without a website. Additionally, 61% of Americans research products and services before purchasing. 

Remember, prospects will believe whatever they find about you online. The information doesn’t even have to come from a reliable source. Therefore, we recommend building a site to provide prospects with first-hand information.

Build a Custom Website

Site builders are ideal for beginners but not for fully developed company sites. Hence, they have limitations and require investments to unlock added features. 

By hiring professional web designers, you can create your dream website. Experienced specialists can help you create a beautiful and safe site that fits your brand. 

Ensure Seamless Transactions

It’s one thing to build an aesthetic website, and it’s another to make it work well. Without experts’ help, you might produce a slow site with broken links and low-quality images. 

On the other hand, specialists can ensure seamless movements and transactions across your pages. 

Access Groundbreaking Technologies

The most memorable websites look simple but use advanced technologies. For instance, they adjust to all screen sizes and browsers. Also, they enable consistent encounters across various devices.

Integrate Digital Marketing Efforts

Compared to traditional marketing methods, online efforts need fewer resources to reach ideal audiences. A website also unites your strategies and ensures all platforms achieve desired ROI. 

Have you heard of the marketing rule of seven? According to this principle, it takes seven brand interactions to encourage profitable actions. Incidentally, functional sites provide prospects with a platform they can visit before a purchase. 

Save Time and Money

Professional web design companies can build the perfect site for your brand while meeting deadlines. On the other hand, amateurs will often take weeks to prepare a simple framework. Also, they might do more harm than good to your site and brand. 

You need several skills and software to create the ideal site. Full-service agencies offer the right skills and technologies. With the right professionals, you won’t have to invest in services and software you won’t need in the future.  

Achieve Balance

An effective website provides visitors with valuable information without being too cluttered. However, while it’s crucial to minimize elements, it’s also essential to address prospects’ questions. 

The Ajs Web Designs Advantage

The right website design Rochester Hills Michigan company can help you reach new heights. At Ajs Web Designs, we guarantee skill, technology, affordability, and customer satisfaction. 


Our specialists have years of experience in web design and development. We are one of the leading website developers in Rochester Hills, Michigan because of them. As a full-service web design agency, we ensure that all team members undergo continuous learning. Together, we hone our skills to stay competitive in today’s business environment. 


We specialize in building websites that offer seamless experiences across all devices and screen sizes. We use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to discover target market preferences. Our specialists also use the latest software, plugins, and tools to address specific requirements.


We pride ourselves on the standout websites we’ve built for countless companies. In fact, we’ve helped companies of all sizes and industries from our community thrive online. 

As a local company, we provide clients with services that fit various budgets. However, we still guarantee world-class services. 

Request a free quote now to start your journey toward online authority. 

Customer Satisfaction

As a customer-centric web design agency, we value all clients. Please call us at 810-207-5335 for 24/7/365 support services. 

We know how critical every second is to your sales. That’s why we’re always here for you, even on weekends and holidays.

Trusted Website Design Rochester Hills Michigan Company

A modern website helps you attract, engage, and convert quality leads. Nowadays, it’s one of the most cost-effective platforms you can build to achieve your marketing goals. 

Whether you need an upgrade or a new website, leave it to the professionals. We recommend working with a trusted website design Rochester Hills Michigan company. Remember, your site can make or break your brand. 

Are you ready to elevate your digital presence? If you are, it’s time for a new site ideal for modern clients. Get in touch with our specialists now to take your online efforts to the next level.

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