Website Design Birmingham Michigan

Website Design Birmingham Michigan

Experienced Website Design Birmingham Michigan that Sets You Apart from the Competition

Does your business in Birmingham, Michigan have a website? Is it bringing in the conversions you want? If you’ve answered “no” to either of these, you need more than a site built on just any CMS. You need website design Birmingham Michigan that grabs attention right away and keeps their interest for as long as possible.

Whatever industry your business is in, an expertly crafted website can set you apart from your competitors. By getting the right optimizations for your business site, not only will you entice curious visitors to your site, you’ll also be delivering a user experience that leads to a checkout or a call for your service. 

Why You Should Go All-in on Your Business Website’s Design

These days, just about everything and everyone is online. Left and right, internet users seek not just the closest products and services for their day-to-day lives but the best. With no way to tell before purchase or checkout, online users will judge a business based on its online presence and the “curb appeal” of its site. 

Your business site is more than a placeholder for what you’ve got to offer. In today’s competitive online environment, think of it as your calling card. It’s the face of your business that either makes a good first impression or turns users away as soon as they visit it. 

The numbers don’t lie. At least 81% of your potential customers look up a product online before using it, including on your website. Each visit is an opportunity for you to turn visitors into paying customers. Along with this, industry experts have found that 75% of website users judge a company by its website. 

In short, going all-in on your website’s design and UI is a must. Have us in your corner, and your website will be your company’s most lucrative asset.

What Does a Website with Good website design Birmingham Michigan Look Like? 

CMS (content management systems) are everywhere, giving everyone the power to create websites. However, there’s a reason many DIY sites fail to be high-traffic and high-conversion sites. That reason is the lack of understanding of UX, UI, SEO, and site architecture. 

An expertly-designed website will have pivotal characteristics you won’t get with a DIY approach. Give us a call for website design Birmingham Michigan that makes your site: 


As mentioned earlier, today’s online users determine whether a company is worth its salt through the appearance of its website. The aesthetics of a website is what sets apart well-performing sites from the rest. An eye for what modern consumers value in design is difficult to achieve without years of experience, though. 

Hence, for your website to look great, you’ll need a firm dedicated to aesthetic and functional website design. 

Good UI and UX

An often-overlooked part of website design Birmingham Michigan (or elsewhere, for that matter) is UI and UX. UI or user interface whether your site is easy to use and navigate. Without good UI, a site becomes clunky with no clear purpose about what you want your site’s visitors to do. 

With good UI comes a positive UX, or user experience. Without any attention to UX, a site may be easy to navigate but fail to take visitors through a journey down your sales funnel. 

A site built by experts with an eye for UI and UX will show in the long dwell times of visitors. This is exactly what you want — to hook visitors in and keep them on your site. 

Stunning and Functional on Any Device

Mobile responsiveness is one of the most important characteristics of a website nowadays. With the vast majority of your visitors learning about your company on mobile devices, you need to optimize your site for tablets and phones. 

Responsive websites should look and feel great not only on desktop, but on every device. They should load quickly to ensure that users get the information they need right away. Otherwise, they may click off your site and opt for a competitor instead. 

Web Design in Birmingham Michigan Plus High-Ranking SEO

To maximize your reach, you need more than a stunning and functional site. You’ll need one that’s visible — preferably on the first page of the search engine results pages (SERPs). 

How do you do this? To make an impression on your visitors and Google’s bots and algorithms, everything from your site’s linking to its content has to come together. Your site’s architecture and loading speed and its ability to deliver a positive page experience to visitors also come to play. 

Get All of the Above-Mentioned Essentials and Much More

Consider the above-mentioned qualities of good website design Birmingham Michigan the basics. To outdo your competitors, you need an extra edge. Get the following additional services by calling us today: 

Business Indexing that’s Tough to Outdo

Businesses go all-in on their websites while ignoring how their details and information appear on online directories. Consistency is king in this day and age, and many business owners tend to ignore this. 

That’s why we offer business indexing across online directories to ensure that your visitors contact you and only you. Through our online directory indexing service, we make both your clients and search engines happy. 

Affordable and Reliable Domain Hosting

There’s nothing worse than when your site goes down even if it’s just for a few minutes. For an affordable price, we guarantee that your site stays online, ready to do what it’s supposed to do — convert. 

We also offer hosting services to new businesses looking to make a bang with their site launches. Whether you are rebranding or want a new site, look no further. 

Web App Development

Why not add a mobile app to your list of business assets? Our mobile app development service caters to businesses like yours who want to establish more than an online presence. Affordable and straightforward, our app development takes your business to greater heights. 

Top-tier WordPress Website Design Birmingham Michigan

According to, WordPress is the number one choice for more than 30 million websites and businesses. Unfortunately, this means that you are up against stacked competition. 

Luckily, WordPress is one of the CMS platforms we specialize in. Using this CMS, we optimize all of your site’s vitals including its mobile-friendliness, loading speed, and SEO. 

With WordPress, we have created more than just websites. We have created cornerstone online assets for many businesses in Birmingham, Michigan. Get a well-designed WordPress website for your business by getting in touch with us today. 

How We Do Website Design Birmingham Michigan

Here’s what you can expect when you contact us for our web design services: 

Step 1: Get a Free Quote

That’s right. We offer a free estimate of our service. Simply click here, and let’s talk about what you want out of your website. 

Step 2: Let Us Work Our Magic

Every step of the way, our devs will fill you in on the progress of your site build. If you have any input, we will be more than happy to incorporate them into your business site. 

Step 3: Content Strategy and Creation

Once we’ve pleased you with your new site’s layout and UI, we can now fill your site with great media and copy. Of course, essential to this step is planning what kind of content converts. We are here to help you plan and create content that doesn’t just inform and engage but sells.

Step 4: Launch Your Site

When everything is in order, your site can now go live. With our hosting, you can expect that your website stays online to do what it’s supposed to — attract, engage, and convert. 

Step 5: Profit

This is why we do what we do. Nothing joys us more than seeing businesses like yours thrive online. Get in touch with us for a site that tells your brand’s story and turns visitors into paying customers. 

Get Website Design Birmingham Michigan that Performs Above Your Expectations

We exist to give your business a high-traffic website that rakes in profits and conversions while you sleep. For a site that crushes the competition, get in touch with us now for a free estimate.  

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