Website Design Saint Clair Shores Michigan  

Website Design Saint Clair Shores Michigan 


Ajs Web Designs LLC is the team to turn to if you need website design Saint Clair Shores Michigan. We understand how crucial the layout and functionality of your site are to catching and retaining the interest of your web visitors. We want to help you set the first impression and establish your brand as a leader in your industry—all with your website design. 

With 50% of consumers admitting that website design is important to a business’s overall brand, we can support your vision to grow your company and reach potential customers. We’ll make sure that your website design Saint Clair Shores Michigan can meet and exceed buyers’ expectations. Plus, it will strengthen your brand’s identity.

The colors, images, and videos you use on your site play a significant role in putting your message across, and keeping your brand at the top of consumers’ minds. As such, we highly recommend you choose a color scheme or palette that matches your company logo’s colors to reinforce brand awareness and association. 

More than making your website pleasing to consumers’ eyes, your site’s design can also affect the credibility of your brand. After all, a well-designed website will show that you care about your customers. 

Say your business isn’t mindful of your website design Saint Clair Shores Michigan. If so, how can buyers be sure that they’ll get high-quality products or services when they purchase from your company? When they see a poorly designed website, it’s likely that they’ll close the tab and find another company to conduct their business with. We don’t want that for you, which is why we’re here to help. 

Website Design Saint Clair Shores Michigan from Start to Finish 

Coming up with the perfect website design Saint Clair Shores Michigan can seem overwhelming. Don’t worry, though. We’ll be with you every step of the way. From concept to completion, your website will perfectly reflect your brand. We’ll also provide support even after it goes live to ensure that web visitors have the best experience consistently.  

Concept & Design 

It doesn’t matter whether we’ll be creating a website design Saint Clair Shores Michigan from scratch or overhauling your current one. We’ll work together to identify the overarching goals for your site. Do you want to drive traffic and get new customers from it? Or are you looking to nurture your relationship with your existing consumer base? Answering these questions can help us develop a website that meets your goals. 

Once we have an idea of your goals for website design Saint Clair Shores Michigan, we can get into the details and map out the web pages and features you need as well as the timeline for completion. We’ll make sure that we apply the top elements of a high-quality web design: 

  • Solid navigation 
  • Responsive design 
  • Style consistency 
  • Purposeful visuals 
  • Engaging copy 
  • Compelling call-to-action (CTA) buttons 
  • Fast site speed 

It’s important for us to nail all these factors down right at the design conceptualization stage. These serve as guidelines for us to ensure that your customers will have a great online experience on your website. 


At the development stage, we’ll be cracking our knuckles to execute your vision in line with your goals. This means creating the sitemap and wireframe initially. The sitemap provides data about the pages and files on your site and the relationships between them. It’s helpful for both human users and search engine bots to find the information they want. 

On the other hand, a wireframe is like a mock-up of how the website will look. In this part of web development, we’ll focus on how much space is allocated for each piece of content and what functions are available. 

Once you approve the proposed sitemap and wireframe, we’ll create the full website. We’ll conduct regular testing and reviews before launching to ensure that the final output is the best possible version of your site. 


We’ll provide support after your website has gone live. We know how important your site is to your business that even a few minutes of downtime might make you lose hundreds of dollars. We’ll conduct regular maintenance by checking for updates on your website software, fixing bugs, and backing up files. 

Comprehensive Web Design and Development Services 

Our website design Saint Clair Shores Michigan company provides comprehensive services for designing and developing your domain. Stand out from competitors when you choose Ajs Web Designs LLC. 

Website Design 

You know how much first impressions matter in business. Since your website is your digital storefront, it’s vital that you make a great impression when they land in your domain. Every website we create for our clients is customized for their brand. We follow fundamental design principles for a well-designed site that creates the experience your customers are expecting. 

Basically, good web designs should convert. Customers should be convinced to take action, whether it’s signing up for a newsletter or buying products. We want people to do what you want them to do. Hence, we make sure that all elements of your website support your goals. 

After choosing the colors, images, and videos for your website, we’ll incorporate them tastefully into the sections of your site. At the same time, we’ll make use of negative space to draw visitors’ eyes to our CTA buttons to boost conversions.  

Moreover, we’ll strike a balance between the amount of text and images on every page. Having too much text and images can make the page look disorganized and cluttered. Meanwhile, too little media can look boring. 

Our website design Saint Clair Shores Michigan services don’t just stop at creating quality websites. We’ll help you set up your hosting and domain by choosing the best provider. 

Web Development 

We’ve talked about the front-end development of your website, i.e., its design. Now, you should also be aware of what happens in the back-end. Our developers will work on the servers, programs, and software involved in your site. We’ll make sure that everything’s working properly behind the scenes for seamless performance in the front end. 

Our team of website designers is proficient in different coding languages to ensure that they can implement the web design and layout that you want. 

Web Apps 

Web apps can become a crucial part of your business. These are interactive elements on your site or a standalone web page. More than just presenting information, they have a specific function. A simple contact form is a great example. You can also use web apps for your checkout process for increased security and enhanced performance. 

The advantage of having a web app is you get all the functionalities that you need without all the technical baggage. Visitors can access the app right on their browsers without needing to install it on their hard drives. Plus, it requires less support and maintenance and is compatible with all devices. 

Aside from elevating the experience of your customers, web apps can also improve collaboration within your company, especially if you have remote workers. Your team can work together and access various files with just their browser, thus, increasing productivity and efficiency. 

Additional Services 

We also provide additional services, such as: 

Speed Optimization 

Site speed is an important aspect to consider for your website. Web visitors won’t hesitate to abandon your site if the elements load slowly. Nearly 70% of consumers reported that page speed plays a significant role in how likely they’ll purchase from a company. Knowing this, we want to make sure you won’t miss any sales opportunities by optimizing your website. 

CRM & ERP Solutions 

We can also develop your website in a way that supports your customer relationships management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Your site can be a central location for all of your customers’ data, including your interactions with them. This can help you nurture your relationships with leads and ensure that you deliver high-quality products and services every time. 

Aside from customer information, your organization also needs a shared database for financial and operational data. Our ERP solutions services can help you boost profitability and find new opportunities for growth. 


We can also aid your search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns by reviewing your analytics and maximizing meta elements. Optimizing your website for search is vital if you want to reach your target audience and grow your consumer base. 

Google AdWords

While SEO focuses on organic or unpaid traffic, there are times when we need to leverage paid ads to increase brand awareness quickly. We can help you set up your pay-per-click (PPC) or pay-per-impression (PPM) campaigns. 

Invest in Your Business 

The number of Internet users continues to grow each year, and these people are also consumers who are looking for solutions to their problems. Our website design Saint Clair Shores Michigan company will help you capture your target market through your website and web apps. It’s time to invest in your business and let it soar to new heights. So, if you’re ready to get started, contact us today to learn more about how you can optimize your site. 

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